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With years of experience in crafting tailored solutions, we understand that each business is unique. Our mission is simple: to design and develop custom applications that seamlessly align with your operations.

Our ERP Solutions:

Our portfolio has a range of customized ERP solutions designed for various industries. What sets us apart? It's the user-friendliness of our solutions. We know that gathering data is crucial, but so is turning it into actionable insights. Our ERP solutions make data collection a breeze and offer an array of reports and data analysis options too. Additionally, we've developed and provide mobile applications through which user can connect with our ERP solutions.

Features of Different Modules In It:

We developed ERP solutions which has several modules that cover your specific business needs. From HR management, recruitment, and employee databases to project management, task tracking, and inventory management, we've got you covered. Leave management, order processing, invoicing, RFQ handling, and employee training management are just a few clicks away. We understand that superior functionality is key to your success.

Also, we have developed a talent acquisition system simplifies the entire recruitment process. It includes job posting, application management, candidate shortlisting, and hiring—all within a user-friendly interface. Organizational management, including hierarchy and role management, ensures smooth operations. Our job board module facilitates resource planning and job allocation, streamlining your workforce management. Which Efficiently manage timesheets and streamline your time tracking processes, ensuring precision in your project management.

We developed order management systems which creates standardized quotations and proposals effortlessly, making your business operations more efficient. Our system supports back orders, 'pay later' options, and easy management of discounts, providing you with a versatile platform.

Our designed and developed E-Learning solutions empower organizations with online course catalogue management, course purchase capabilities, and credit points applications. A comprehensive course search feature ensures your employees have access to the learning resources they need.

While there are numerous CRM solutions available off the shelf, we understand that sometimes these applications may not align perfectly with your specific business needs. That’s why we design and develop applications precisely aligned with your unique requirements.

We specialize in Microsoft Power Apps installation and integration, connecting your business with a powerful Microsoft tool. Including Microsoft Teams, Power BI, and Microsoft Forms. Whether you require streamlined communication through Microsoft Teams or dynamic data analysis with Power BI, we ensure that your Microsoft ecosystem functions seamlessly to enhance your productivity and efficiency. We ensure that these powerful tools work together seamlessly, optimizing your business processes and data management.

Experience the transformative potential of technology with Vsky. Contact us today to explore how our custom applications can take your business to new heights.

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