Be Home Be Safe

The Be Home Be Safe system is domain specific web-application for home safety purpose. It is used by the occupation therapists, for performing safety assessments of home, residential or business property. The therapist visits the property location specified, performs evaluation of physical ability of the occupant and then performs detail assessment of the property.
The complete details of the property such as entrance, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garage, etc. are inspected & details are noted down with respect to the arrangement necessity for occupant’s comfort & safety. Once, all details are noted, the report is generated for those details. In the report, current situation of the residence as well as comments and any recommendations for alterations are noted down. The system also let’s the therapist mention the priories of issues or advises. According to which, it is possible to provide safe & secure accommodation for the patient. Overall, this application provides very effective way for assessment to provide safety & comfort for patients.


  • Multiple property for one owner.
  • Occupant evaluation.
  • Conditionally variable forms
  • Intuitive report
  • Historical records

Who can use it?

  • Intendent Occupation Therapist.
  • Hospitals with Occupation Therapy Teams.