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At Vsky we are partners in your journey towards success. With a proven track record of developing exceptional products and web applications, we pride ourselves on delivering custom solutions that resonate with your unique business needs. From crafting tailored applications including CRM, finance, and project management, to designing user-friendly mobile apps that drive engagement, our expertise extends across diverse domains.

Our Services

Custom Application Development

Our experienced team invests time to understand your business and its unique processes. Then, we design and develop custom applications that perfectly match your way of doing things.

Mobile Application Development

We excel in crafting customized mobile applications that cater to your unique business requirements. We're experts in Android apps, Flutter apps, and iOS apps, ensuring that your mobile solutions are optimized across platforms.

Data Science

Our expert team specializes in extracting valuable insights from complex data sets to drive informed decisions. We excel in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), OLAP (Online Analytical Processing).

Application Implementation

Our dedicated team specializes in seamless application implementation, turning concepts into functional solutions. We have expertise in implementing a variety of CRM solutions.


Our integration solutions bring together varied software and processes, optimizing efficiency and communication. We specialize in Zoho apps integration, HubSpot integration, and Google Apps integration.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Our expert SEO services are designed to optimize your website for maximum visibility and engagement. We offer comprehensive services in website enhancement, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and digital marketing.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions offering includes Project Management System, Order Management System, Tenant Portal, Service Management, and 360 Assessment (multi source feedback assessment). With our expert team by your side, you can streamline operations, enhance tenant experiences, and gain valuable insights into your business. From managing tasks efficiently to providing top-notch services, our solutions are designed to empower your success. Experience the difference of integrated technology that transforms your business.

Project Management System

For managing the project development cycle, HR tasks, and inventory control, providing user-friendly modules for seamless planning, tracking, and performance monitoring across various departments in your organization.

Order Management System

Seamlessly manages stock, processes payments, handles orders from start to finish, and provides end-to-end order status tracking throughout the process.

Tenant Portal

For easy tenant communication, lease management, paying rent online, and requesting maintenance services with ease. it is like a digital assistant for property managers,making everything efficient and organized.

Service Management

A digital toolkit used to streamline and optimize service operations, including task management, customer support, and workflow processes, to enhance efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

360 Assessment

Provides a 360-degree view of your organization, empowering you to make well-informed decisions based on employee’s complete insights and assessments.

The Work Room Pro

Tailored to curtain-based businesses, offering a specialized order management system for seamless operations, precise inventory control, and exceptional customer service.

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Industries We Serve

Every business requires a custom solution which helps them to grow and stand tall in the market. Discover How We Can Enhance Your Industry or Business.


Within the healthcare industry, our expertise goes beyond traditional patient records and telemedicine solutions.


Enhancing manufacturing processes with technology, we've created applications that optimize production lines, track inventory,


Navigating the service-based IT, Software, and Hardware industries, we specialize in crafting custom applications and web applications


Working closely with marketing teams, we've developed web applications like Customized (CRM) systems that utilize data analytics, automate campaigns, and track customer engagement.


Coming to Education industry We've built online learning platforms and systems to manage students.We have also constructed online learning platforms.


In retail businesses, our technology has given rise to many e-commerce platforms, serving needs from fashion to electronics. We've developed customized applications

Real Estate

In the Real Estate industry, we've completely transformed it with our property listing websites and digital tools.


In Sales industry We've made websites that sell products online, in stores, and everywhere in between. For end customers, our sales solutions bring convenience experiences.


In the Finance industry, we've gone beyond just building reports.From helping you plan your budget to secure your transactions, we've got you covered.



We developed portals to discover top candidates and effortlessly schedule interviews, to ensure the smooth flow of HR operations using web applications.

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